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Item No: 138C
Plastic Ruler 17cm
A brightly coloured fun "lefty" ruler making it easy to draw lines of the correct length with the left-hand in a right-to-left direction. Available in Red, Blue or Yellow
Price $2.30*
Item No: 138D
Plastic Ruler 30cm
Brightly coloured fun "Lefty" ruler available in red, blue or yellow. Scaled right to left in metric only
Price $3.30*



Item No: 297T
20cm Bread Knife
Brand new range of all stainless steel kitchen knives. The seamless construction leads into the blade which is fully hardened and tempered from surgical steel and carefully ground with the serrations on the right side, for a clean straight and safe cut in the left-hand.
Price $39.40*

Item No: 295T
15cm Cook's Knife
Part of the new seamless construction range of knives.
Price $38.90*
Item No: 293T
10cm Multi-purpose Knife
Part of the new seamless construction range of knives.
Price $27.10*
Item No: 89A
Craft Knife with retractable blade
This safety knife has a self-retracting blade which can be loaded to use either with the left or right hand thumb.
Price $23.60*

Item No: 89B
Craft Knife with locking blade
This knife has a trapezoid blade that can easily be fitted for left-hand use, and 5 locking positions of blade length, controlled by the left thumb.
Price $23.60*

Item No: 89K
Spare Blades
Pack of trapezoid blades that can easily be fitted for left-hand use in either the retractable or locking blade craft knives.
Price $5.90*
Item No: 530
Stabilo Trio Triangular Eraser
A new design triangular eraser to match any of our triangular pencils and pens (sold singly)
Price $0.80

Item No: 37G
2 Hole Pencil Sharpener with case
The perfect size for school or office, this 2-hole container sharpener fits snugly in your pencil case, and will sharpen standard and large size pencils - keeping the shavings tidy too! Pencils turn anti-clockwise for an easy action.
Price $9.35*
Item No: 504
Men's Wallet -
left-handed opening
The exclusive design of this soft leather wallet makes it unique, with the whole layout reversed so a left-hander can open it out in their natural direction from right to left without all the contents falling out.
Size 120mm x 95mm closed

Price $48.75*


Item No: 207A
Heavy Duty Household Scissors 154mm

A real workhorse!
Price $27.80*



Item No: 355
Fuji dual control camera Zoom Date F2.8 35mm
This unique camera has 2 shutter release buttons, one on either side so it can be used comfortably with the left or right hand. 24-50mm Autofocus Zoom lens, large LCD panel with back-light, Intelligent multi-programmed Flash with red eye reduction, self-snap mode / quick shot mode, date / time imprinting. Complete with strap, soft case, battery and remote control.

Price $375.00*



Can Opener

Item No: 94
Tin Opener (red)
A good quality left-handed tin opener with roller cutter and geared action for easy opening. Positioned on the left side of the tin and turned with the left-hand in a natural motion for left-handers.
Price $21.20*



Item No: 323
Tombow Pens
323B @ $74.30  TOMBOW PEN blue
323P @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN pink
323T @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN turquoise
323U @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN purple
323V @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN silver
323G @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN olive green
323K @ $74.30 TOMBOW PEN black

We were delighted when the left-handed nib in this pen passed our writing test with flying colours, as all the staff love the modern sleek design and satin finish, not to mention the fantastic colours! Wonderfully smooth, the ball tipped oblique nib simply glides along the page, and combines with the comfortable grip and solid weight of the pen to give a real feeling of quality at an excellent price. Recommended if you like a medium nib width. Choose the colour that most inspires you and write something wonderful. Available in Purple, Pink, Turquoise, Olive Green, Blue, Silver or Black.
Price $74.30*

Item No: 531 Stabilo S Pen
531B = Blue/Dark Blue
531E = Orange/Grey
531Y = Yellow/Red

A fantastic innovation in left-handed pen design, these new Stabilo Rollerball Pens are ergonomically moulded to guide the left hand effortlessly and comfortably into the perfect pen position for smooth, beautiful writing. Highly recommended both for children learning to write correctly, and adults looking for optimum comfort in their pen. Because of the specific moulding of these pens, they are NOT suitable for use in the right hand. (Right-handed version available separately) Each pack contains 1 Left-Handed Rollerball pen and 3 blue ink, erasable refill cartridges.
Price $13.80*


Item No: 520Y
Stabilo non-smudge colour rollerball 0.5mm - Black
A great new range of pens from Stabilo that have very quick drying ink so they do not smudge, not even immediately after writing. This is a great advantage for left-handers who can sometime trail their hand over their writing and make a mess!
Price $11.50*


Item No: 521L
Stabilo non-smudge colour rollerball 0.5mm - violet
As above/
Price $11.50*


Item No: 522B
Stabilo non-smudge fibretip 0.7mm basketball finish - blue
As above.
Price $11.50*


Item No: 36AB (Blue)
Item No:
36AK (Black)
Large Pelikano Catridges

Price $4.45*


no pic available

Item No: 523
Faber Castell tri-grip lead pencils (3)
From a great new range of pencils with triangular shape and rubber "soft-grip" dots to help a correct and comfortable grip. This set of 3 pencils on a blister card come with a free eraser that also acts as a pencil cap.
Price $5.25*


Item No: 524
Faber Castell tri-grip jumbo pencils (2)
This set of 2 jumbo size pencils on a blister card are suitable for younger children and dispense with the need for a pencil grip, to encourage the correct position.
Price $4.55*


Item No: 525
Faber Castell tri-grip colouring pencils (6)
This set of 6 regular size colouring pencils are suitable for any age and encourage the correct writing grip.
Price $7.95*


Item No: 526
Faber Castell tri-grip jumbo coluring pencils (6)
This set of 6 regular size colouring pencils are suitable for any age and encourage the correct writing grip.
Price $13.20*


Item No: 527
Faber Castell triangle grip wax crayons (12)
The thick triangular grip on these non-toxic wax crayons encourages development of a correct writing grip. Suitable for all ages, especially younger children.
Price $5.25*



Item No: 528
Faber Castell artists triangle oil pastels (12)
These super-smooth non-toxic Oil Pastels have a triangular grip to encourage development of a correct writing grip. Ideal for blending, tinting, shading and scratch effects.
Price $8.60*


Item No: 529
Faber colouring pencils with matching erasers
Not specially left-handed but just a great quality product with 12 vivid colour and matching erasers to rub out the colours completely. Great to go with any choice of triangular grip writing implements or any of our left-handed stationery items. They fit into the small hole of our left-handed anti-clockwise pencil sharpeners.
Price $13.20*
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